School Information

Principal/Vice Principal

Kendall Olsen, Principal

Principal's Message:

At Riverview School we value the educational partnership between student, parent/guardian, and teacher. When parents are involved, everyone - students, parents and families, teachers, schools, and communities - benefits and our schools become increasingly rich and positive places to teach, learn and grow.

Barrier-free Accessibility Information Sheet (PDF)



Staff Listing

Principal: Kendall Olsen (

Secretary: Terri Yeo (

Teaching Staff:
Gr 7/8 -     Michelle Van Beek

Gr 5/6 -  Bev Arpin

Gr 4/5 -  Hillary Hanson Nordberg

Gr. 2/3 - Chelsea Miller

Gr 1/2 -  Melissa Nordin 

Kindergarten - Allison Enns/Gabe Langlais

Reading Intervention - Andrea vanZwol

Special Education - Andrea vanZwol

French/Prep – 

Educational Assistants:

 Sherri Kreger, Lorie Kuzyk, Deany Ewald, Angela Gill (Librarian), 
Heather Anderson, Johanne McInerney (Communication Assistant)

Caretakers :
Alan Wolanicki, Bill Arnould, 
Claudette Scott
Bus Drivers :
Dawn Drennan, Bob Johnson, Maury Nielson, Murray /Shelly MacDonald

Lunch Coordinator: