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Parents are requested to please regularly visit the Board website at for current updates and information.

Water fountains/refillable stations - Students can use the refillable stations, but the water fountains will not be used.  Please send your child with a water bottle.  We have some available to those who don't have one. 

Communication- Staff will communicate with parents via SeeSaw, Google Classroom or Edsby.   

Other Considerations:

  • Microwaves are available for use but please send items that do not require many minutes of heating as there is limited time to use the microwave during nutrition breaks.
  • One student per classroom will be allowed to go to the bathroom.  Signage will be displayed indicating the number of students allowed in the bathroom at one time.  
    • Students will have to check prior to entering the bathroom.
  •  We do not require parents/guardians to send their children to school with pencils, pencil crayons, and other learning resources.  They are welcome to bring these items if they would like but we will supply students with the items they need. 

  • Please send your child with a pair of shoes for indoor use, appropriate outerwear for the weather and lunch. We are working to limit the clutter in classrooms and hallways to support social distancing and ease of travel within the school and appreciate your support in sending only what is necessary with your child.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call Mrs. Beckett at the school @ 852-3561, or check out the FAQ section of the Board website!